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How to Find Joy during COVID

Top Joy Generators in the Time of COVID:


1. Nature.
Appreciate the beauty that is around us, not just by what you see, but smell and hear and feel. It's all around you and you can do this every day as a ritual in the morning or evening after your meal by going for a long walk.


2. Music.
Not just listening, but that's great too. How about an all out karaoke session in your own room or with your family or circle of small friends. If you play an instrument, get a few of your friends who also play and jam virtually or via some physical distance outdoors? Maybe do this during the daytime as to not wake up your neighbors.


3. Writing and Drawing.
Explore your mind and you'd be surprised what sort of stories you come up with. Maybe start off with recording some thoughts while you are on your long walk or taking notes with ideas that you come about while you are in the shower. Drawing can be with a pencil, pen, charcoal or brush. You can purchase an easel or make one yourself and draw what's around you or in your thoughts. The great thing about art is that there are no such things as a mistake and no boundaries. If you want more structure, consider Bob Ross. People love his soothing voice and his hair!


4. Pets.
If you are an animal lover and don't minds some responsibilities in trade for increased endorphins including oxytocin, an anti-stress hormone, that is also referred to as the "love" or "cuddle" hormone, consider fostering or adopting a pet. Since the start of pandemic, pet adoptions have spiked by 200% in cities like New York and Los Angeles according the ASPCA.


5. Porch Presents.
Scientists believe that altruistic behavior releases endorphins in the brain, producing the positive feeling known as the “helper's high.


6. On-line Meet-Ups with Friends.

Not for everyone. For those introverts, you may just as well be happy without this technology. However, others find this to be a life line in keeping their social lives healthy. I have a patient who looks forward to her weekly "virtual cocktail parties" with her husband and friends. They dress up and spend an hour releasing and sharing and listening and laughing. It has become a staple in her life.

7. Kids.

They can be a real pain, but also bring so much joy. Parenting hasn't been easy for most during this time. Why not during your down time get to know your kid, whether it be your child, niece, nephew, grandkid, younger sibling or cousin. This is the time to cultivate strong connections and help them build confidence and build positive experiences.


9. Food Delivery.

Let's support our local businesses and treat ourselves to some yummy Thai or Turkish food in the neighborhood. Do this once a week to expand your palette and not have to do dishes!


10. Cooking.

We have all this time. Might as well spend some time thinking of creative meals you have only dreamt of cooking. Now is the time. Surprise your family or friend or yourself with pushing your boundaries in the kitchen. Who knows? You may have found your new passion!


11. Body Acceptance.

Love your body. Stop judging it. It has been doing so much for you throughout your life. If you have the ability to do things like walking, picking up a spoon, smelling roses, taking a shower on your own, then thank you body for allowing this freedom. If you lack certain abilities, don't focus on them for during this life as we will gain and loose abilities. It is part of the succession of life. So spend time being thankful of the abilities you currently have. Be thankful.


12. Dancing.

You can do this anywhere. Sitting in your seat, lying in your bed, not just getting up on your feet! While most forms of exercise stimulate endorphins, it seems dancing releases more endorphins than typical aerobic movement. Dancing is also more successful at reducing cortisol levels. Since cortisol is a stress hormone, this is another reason that dancing can increase feelings of happiness and relaxation.


13. Rage.

We can't leave this one out. Another kinder word for this is release. We all need this. It is done by taking some alone time every week to just be with yourself. Lock the bathroom door and light some candles and climb into the hottest water-and-essential-oil combo that you can tolerate. Submerge your whole body, including your head under water and scream! And then scream some more! Another way to do this is scream into a pillow, punch a boxing bag for as long as possible, go for a power run, lift weights, cut wood or knead bread.




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