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Sound Bath: an immersion in sound frequency cleansing the soul

You've probably experienced this after a yoga or guided meditation class where you are lying on your back with your eyes closed, while the instructor walks around the room creating deep, resonating vibrations using a crystal or Tibetan singing bowl.  Bells and gongs are also used to create sound baths.  When these sounds are created, it produces a feeling that is visceral as waves of vibrations at various frequencies literally move through you, leading you to a deeper state of contemplation or relaxation.  This is when "sound healing" occurs. 

As a 2000 year old Tibetian practice, sound bath vibrations shuts off the body's fight-or-flight reflex, taking you through a journey of "just being" while emptying your thoughts.  Some say, "Finally, my mind is quiet."  It is also a very physical experience as you connect with your body by feeling the overlapping vibrations resonate through you.  It's a type of meditative practice that doesn't require a lot of discipline or patience.  You just have to listen.  Its aim is to still the body and quiet the mind by soothing the nervous system while blocking all ideas and thoughts of our consciousness. 

Studies have shown that sound baths help with a wide variety of ailments including but not limited to depression, anxiety, anger, tension, confusion, and physical pain.  Additionally, sound baths have shown to lower blood pressure, slow down heart rate, and improve sleep.

Yung Park, M.D.

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