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Lina Barbenès Santiago, LMSW

Child/Adolescent & Adult Psychotherapist

Lina Barbenès Santiago, LMSW (she/her) is a compassionate and strength-based psychotherapist treating complex trauma, anxiety, depression, relational issues and self-esteem issues.

Since her graduation from social work school, Lina was trained in family and couples therapy, and trauma and grief therapy for adolescents (TGCTA). She uses family therapy, attachment theory, and psychodynamic components to explore her clients’ thought patterns and root conflicts, and to empower them to make appropriate changes. She also incorporates critical race theory, as well as queer and feminist theories to understand the context within which her clients’ problems have developed.

Lina identifies as a white queer and a Latina immigrant. She has been providing affirming therapy to queer and trans immigrants, and families experiencing homelessness in French, English, and Spanish for three years.

Lina’s insatiable curiosity led her to live and work in five different countries. She has now happily set roots in the most multicultural city in the world with her two furry babies and her ever-growing collection of books.

Lina's first availability will be on February 1st, 2023.  

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