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"With Dr. Park’s treatment, I have been able to overcome my challenges with performance anxiety. It has made a significant positive influence across my personal life and been a game changer in my professional life. I couldn’t be happier with the results."

- E.V.

"Dr. Park is very attentive and thorough.  She is able to clearly explain options and give a path forward."

- Patrick R

"Dr. Park is the best psychiatrist I’ve ever been too. She is very precise with her recommendations and gauging where you are at where you’d like to be. In session, her kindness and care is evident. When someone asks, I refer them to elevate medical without hesitation."

- Justin V

"It was extremely refreshing talking to Dr. Park, In just one session it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders."

- Christian T

"Dr Park and the Elevate Medical staff are wonderful and so kind. She really cares about her patients! Dr Park is easy-going and really great to talk to and I have a comfortable connection and rapport with her."

- Lisa L

"I enjoy having Dr. Park be so caring and showing compassion."

- Tanesha H

"Dr. Park is one of the first psychiatrist to not only guide me through finding a medication treatment that worked, but truly cares about what’s going on in my life. Highly recommend - especially if you’ve had bad experiences with others in the past."

- Chelsea R

"Dr. Park was excellent and really took the time to get to know me as a patient.  I was very happy to be able to meet with her so quickly."

- Haley N

"Extremely knowledgeable and understanding. Always a pleasant interaction. Is not judgmental and very astute with her clinical assessment. Thank you Dr. Park, I appreciate your professionalism and expertise. I’m so happy I am under your care."

- Madeleine C

"Dr. Park is an excellent choice, very caring and attentive.  Highly recommended."

- Joe W

"I made the switch to elevate, and I'm so grateful I did. Every part of the process felt like they truly had my best interest in mind. They are improving my quality of life by so much."

- Jacqueline L

"Dr. Park is excellent — kind, thorough, and capable — and her office is very responsive to messages and questions; more so than any other medical office I've been to."

- Kyoko T

"Dr. Park is thoughtful in her approach. I've previously had very bad experiences with psychiatry - it feels really good to be in the hands of someone so knowledgeable."

- Paige C

"Dr. Park is attentive, kind, and inquisitive. I feel like I found a good match for me, in her. Five stars cause I mean it, Elevate medical is one of the best parts of my behavioral health team I’ve established."

- Matthew K

"Dr Park listens and helps discover the best possible solution. She is always happy. She really understands her patients."

- Shannon S

"I was very lucky to find doctor Park. She is incredibly caring and helpful. She is changing my life for better. Strongly recommend her."

- J. Goldman

"Dr Park is by far the most humane and caring doctor that has ever treated me, she truly cares for her patients and goes above and beyond to do what's right and most beneficial for their particular situations.  I highly recommend her and will be happy to answer any questions about her practice."

- Mauricio S

"Great at communication. Always follows up in appropriate time frame. Very pleasant staff."

- Jenna T

"Being in the care of Dr. Park has been transformational. She really takes her time to get to know her patients and address their concerns."

- Victoria S

"I was very uncertain going into this chapter of my mental health, but Dr. Park was patient and very informative during our sessions. I feel like I was guided in the right direction. The staff is also very helpful and accommodating as I had problems with some of my paperwork. And the response time for inquiries and appointments is fast!"

- Stormy L

"Dr. Park really cares about her patients, and helping them

to live their best lives"

- Marina N

"Dr. Park is the best.  She's always easy to talk to, genuinely listens and cares about your issues, and truly wants to help you feel emotionally and mentally grounded.  No judgment, safe space.  Thanks for being awesome, Dr. Park!

- Lauren B

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