Anger Management

Anger Management

Anger Management Q&A

What is anger management?


Anger is neither good nor bad. It conveys a message indicating you are in an upsetting, unjust, or threatening situation. A knee-jerk reaction to anger reduces the chances of communicating your message effectively. It is perfectly normal to experience anger when you have been mistreated or wronged; the way you express anger can backfire and deteriorate the situation.


Anger management is a treatment that helps you stay in control of your emotions and behaviors. The process allows you to recognize your anger triggers to learn to deal with them positively.


Elevate medical provides anger management therapy plans customized to you. Through regular counseling, you can learn to effectively cope with angry feelings that interfere with your physical and mental health.


Why should I consider anger management?


Anger management goes beyond focusing on controlling your anger and expressing it appropriately to improve your relationships, achieve your goals, and lead a healthier life.


While anger is a healthy emotion that arises out of frustration or fear, specific triggers can cause anger to spin out of control. This can lead to conflicts with loved ones, complications in your career, and difficulties in making decisions.


You should schedule an anger management evaluation if you have difficulty controlling anger and other negative emotions. Elevate medical also recommends anger management if angry outbursts affect your relationships or job or if your anger triggers physical confrontations, violence, or other reckless behaviors.


What can I expect during anger management?


During anger management at elevating medical, you will meet one-on-one with a therapist to talk about your anger triggers, general lifestyle, and relationships. The team at Elevate medical initially performs a comprehensive health evaluation to make sure underlying physical or mental health issues aren’t the root cause of your angry outbursts.


As you continue with therapy over several weeks or months, you’ll learn techniques that you can use to cope with your negative emotions, such as breathing exercises and mindful meditation.


Your therapist can also work with you on an exercise plan to keep you healthy and help you burn off excess negative energy. Participants are trained in relaxation strategies and calming techniques to modify their behavior.


Elevate medical can recommend a treatment plan if you have a mental health condition that contributes to your uncontrolled anger. This plan may include medications, talk therapy, and lifestyle changes that improve your mental health and emotional wellness. These strategies can be adapted for various groups, including adolescents, individuals with substance abuse issues, and even parents.


If you struggle to keep your anger under control, elevate medical is here to help. Schedule a consultation online or by calling the office today.