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About ADHD

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that causes ongoing problems with inattention, hyperactivity, and impulse control. Yung Park, MD, Kevin Lemaire, DO, Sima Paul, MD, Lesley Cano, PMHNP-BC, and the team at Elevate Medical in New York City diagnose and treat ADHD in children, teens, and adults through virtual visits. The team takes a holistic approach, treating you, not your diagnosis. Call the Midtown Manhattan office today or use the online booking button to schedule your ADHD consultation.


What is the difference between ADD and ADHD?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention-deficit disorder (ADD) are the same conditions. ADHD is an umbrella term that includes symptoms associated with ADD, which is a medical term that health care providers no longer use.

Symptoms of ADHD vary, and doctors classify people with the disorder based on their dominant symptoms, such as:

Inattentive type

People with inattentive ADHD have a hard time paying attention. They may struggle to follow conversations, finish assignments, and stay organized. Previously, people with more inattentive symptoms were diagnosed with ADD. 

Hyperactive/impulsive type

People with hyperactive/impulsive ADHD have a hard time staying still. They may stand when they need to sit, talk out of turn, or always need to be doing something. 

Combination type

Combination type ADHD has both inattentive and hyperactive/impulsive symptoms.

ADHD symptoms change over time, so types change.

What causes ADHD?

Researchers are still investigating the cause of ADHD, but they believe genetics is a major factor. You’re more likely to have ADHD if a first-degree relative, like a parent or sibling, has it.

Researchers are also looking into environmental factors that may trigger the brain disorder, such as nutrition or social factors.

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder, and symptoms are present during early childhood. However, because symptoms vary, many people with ADHD go undiagnosed until adulthood. 

Without treatment, people who have ADHD may suffer from other mental health conditions like depression or anxiety. If you have ADHD or suspect you have it, schedule an appointment at Elevate Medical.

The online psychiatry practice treats all ages.

What can I expect during my first ADHD consultation?

The specifics of your initial ADHD consultation at Elevate Medical vary depending on your age, symptoms, and mental health history. However, you can expect a comprehensive evaluation that focuses on finding the underlying cause of your symptoms.

Your evaluation may include a physical exam with lab work to rule out medical conditions that might explain your symptoms.

The team only diagnoses ADHD when all other causes are ruled out.

What can I do to manage my ADHD?

Elevate Medical creates a personalized mental wellness plan to help you manage your ADHD. Your plan may include customized psychotherapy and medication management. 

Medications are prescribed only when necessary and then tapered once you’re in a good place.

Call Elevate Medical today or click the online booking button to schedule your ADHD evaluation.