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Sima Paul, MD

Meet Sima Paul, MD


Sima Paul M.D. is a licensed physician practicing psychiatry in NJ, NY, PA. She works with adults of all ages, adolescents and children. Many of Dr. Paul’s patients are looking for treatment to address anxiety, depression, mood swings, irritability, ADHD, OCD, and identity issues. Dr. Paul is particularly passionate about serving young adults and adolescents, being it is a time of transition and changes for a person of this age. Often anxiety and depression are particularly high in this age groups.  But she is also comfortable treating older adults and children. Dr. Paul has advanced training in the areas of ADHD, OCD, anxiety, and depression.

Dr. Paul is trained in medication management for target symptoms.  When patients are able to verbalize their symptoms and what changes they would like to see over time, psychiatric medications can be a treatment option that is very helpful for some. Specific symptoms are looked at to help guide the response to certain medications that are tried. Most people are happy with the results they feel when a specific medication is suggested to try.  In session, Dr. Paul focuses on relaxation skills and deep breathing to help patients feel comfortable when trying to express what emotions they are feeling. This approach supports patients and validates what they are feeling. When the recommended medication is started, most people are happy with the results because they start feeling better.  Most patients will experience an improvement in whatever target symptoms ultimately lead them to get treatment in the first place.

Dr. Paul's style is direct, straightforward, and compassionate. When Dr. Paul first starts to work with a patient she tries to understand what exactly they are feeling and what exactly are their symptoms; in their own words. She will try to get the patient to describe as best as they can what they are feeling without interrupting them. One of Dr. Paul’s best traits is that she is a very good listener.

Dr. Paul received her medical training from St. Luke's -Roosevelt Hospital Center Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. She contributes a great deal of her knowledge of psychiatry care from the years she spent working in the psychiatric emergency room in the heart of New York City during her residency training. Outside of private practice, gardening and reading are activities she finds enjoyable and relaxing. She encourages patients she works with to find and use different hobbies, activities and interests as a therapeutic outlet.

Dr. Paul is only doing telepsychiatry. Most patients find that it is a very comfortable setting for them. Dr. Paul is able to engage with her patients and feels comfortable talking to them using this platform. It is a very natural and convenient platform for most people to use or to get used to after a few sessions online. It really does work smoothly for the most part and it's the modern world we live in today.