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Yung Park, MD

Meet Yung Park, MD


Yung Park, MD, is a double board-certified internal medicine and psychiatry physician serving patients at Elevate Medical in Midtown Manhattan and Danbury, CT.

While practicing internal medicine and psychiatry for the past 20 years, Dr. Yung Park is most passionate about Mental Wellness, recognizing that our physical and emotional well being are intertwined--influencing the other. Nurturing both, optimizes both.  Neglecting one, limits the other.  Sometimes physical symptoms manifest or amplify from underlying emotional turbulence.  Other times, mental health symptoms are secondary to a medical root cause.
The pandemic of 2020 shook the world and our minds.  It provided an opportunity for an awakening within each of us--reassessing what is important and asking ourselves, "Who am I," and "What have I been doing?"  We have become tired of the external linear motivations of the world.  Consciousness is rising. Our craving to know ourselves from within is an authentic innate curiosity of being human that gets blocked from years of developing the armor called our ego.
Dr. Park's internal motivation is to assist those who are seeking to know themselves more, desiring to love themselves more, to be kinder to themselves so to live in this world in harmony and peace from within amidst the chaos of our everyday life.  
Dr. Park believes that you are your own therapist and you have the answers to heal.  The journey begins by awakening your inner consciousness. 
Dr. Park leads Elevate Medical's Certified SPRAVATO® Treatment Center in Midtown Manhattan, New York for Treatment Resistant Depression and Suicidality. 
During her downtime, Dr. Park enjoys spending it with her family, SaLang and Mandu exploring nature trails throughout Upstate New York and beautifying the land by conserving, reusing and giving back to it.  
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