By helping yourself, you help others

May 16, 2023
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By helping yourself, you help others

What we put out into this world we get back. This is karma.

Elevate Medical was founded in New York City at the height of the pandemic due to the surge in the demand for mental wellness. Come July 2023, Elevate Medical will be 3 years old.

Our mission from the start has been this:

"Accessible and affordable mental wellness services without compromising quality care."

As we continue to grow our practice, we would like to give back to the greater New York City community where it is most needed. New York City is a sanctuary city, a place of inclusivity where we feel supported to seed and grow our dreams and visions.

We would like your help in finding the top 3 - 501(c) organizations in NYC where they have helped our community and individuals spread their wings and soar.

When we find the top 3, we will inform you after every visit to select which of the 3 you would like to place your 5% for your visit back into the community.

"By helping yourself, you help others."

- Dr. Park, founder of Elevate Medical