Five Things to Create a Positive Attitude

Aug 21, 2022
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Five Things to Create a Positive Attitude

Everyday life can get overwhelming and create a feeling of negativity in everything we approach. Learning how to combat negativity with a winning positive attitude can help us see life differently. Here are five things that can create that positive attitude in your life. All the overwhelming things in life will not always go away but the way that we look at them can change and bring new ideas on how to face challenges in the future.


Number One


Quiet Time - With electronic devices going off 24/7 in our lives, music at work or in our cars, and just sounds of our surroundings, we really don't get much quiet time in our lives.

"Don't mistake noise for anything other than noise" - Craig D. Lounsbrough

Making a protected quiet time for ourselves gives us the ability to focus on our inner thoughts, inspiration, and uninterrupted planning for our life. Find a place where you can sit and enjoy silence. This may be a room in your house or apartment. It may be a place in nature. Wherever you choose, it should be free of clutter and projects that will take you off on tangents. Remember to silence electronic devices and other interruptions.


Number Two


Be Kind - Being kind can start in the morning when you look in the mirror. The most important person to be kind to is yourself. Don't try and find that one hair that is out of place, or a blemish that may have just found it's way to your face for the day, find the goodness in the person in the mirror and compliment yourself. There is goodness in everything and everyone, including yourself. Being kind to yourself will radiate in the way you interact with others. Go out into the world each day looking for ways to recognize and compliment others. The reactions you will get will enlighten you and warm your heart.


Number Three


Proper Rest -

Young lady resting

This may be different for everyone but you


know what it feels like when you are running yourself on empty. Try to focus on getting the same amount of rest every night. Stay away from those energy drinks with fast highs and super strong lows. If you need to nap, limit your nap to 15 to 20 minutes.


There will always be work and play and things that just seem to never get done. If you are resting properly, they won't seem as overwhelming and you will be able to focus more energy towards actually completing your tasks.


Number Four


Take a Social Media Break - Social media has some great information, socializing, and stories but every once in awhile, take a break for a few days or a week and take note of how you feel about yourself. Social media can be full of negativity, and comparisons with perfect moments in someone else's life that you may never quite match. You may not even be aware of the negativity until you walk away for a small timeframe.


Find other things that you might be missing like reading a good book, or talking in person with friends and loved ones. When you return, find ways to continue doing some of the things you picked up when you were on your social media vacation. Have a healthy mix of social media and other activities. There are even new social media apps that create a more real environment so moments aren't so perfect helping to make everyone feel a little more normal.


Number Five


Take a New Approach to Exercise - Yes, we couldn't end without the obvious fix to positivity. Exercise is the most reliable way to increase happiness and, as a bonus, your health is improved. If you are already exercising, doing the same workouts every time, try something new. Get out of the gym for a run outside, swim, do a new physical activity that you haven't done to exercise new muscles.


If you really don't do well with exercise, pick something you can do. Park a little farther out every time you drive somewhere. Get off one stop early on the subway or bus and walk the rest of the way. Take the stairs more often. Every effort you make to exercise a little more can make a difference in your wellbeing. Try not to exercise too close to your rest period because it might keep you awake for awhile.


These are our top five things but there are so many ways to add positivity to your life. When you have that quiet time, think of other things you could do less of or invite into your life to get more positivity and happiness.

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” — Paulo Coelho

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